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Who We Are

AnglGyms was founded to address two problems experienced in corporate gyms by personal training clients in the U.K.

Firstly, corporate gyms can be intimidating and stressful places to be! Anglgyms are discreetly located, private gyms only for our Personal Training clients.

Everything, from the calming design scheme, natural materials, low noise levels, soothing smells, friendly approachable trainers and intimate settings is geared to making your workout as enjoyable and focused as possible.

Secondly, corporate gyms will often hire any Personal Trainer! PTs are not vetted for their track record, leading to poor standards in the industry.

At AnglGyms we hand select only PTs with a strong track record of getting clients amazing results.

In addition we offer all our clients extra support at no extra cost through a designated Coach to monitor progress, personalised meal plans and training plans which can help clients recover from injuries.

Our Values: Mental Health Promise

We are continually evolving ways to protect and improve our clients mental health. This starts with our team of Elite PTs who have undergone a commitment to mental health first aid training. All aspects of the business are designed to create a calming, private experience where the results are high but your stress levels are low.

Our Values: Extra Support To Reach Your Goals (At No Extra Cost)

At AnglGyms not only do you get an Elite PT to help you reach your goals, you get continuous support from an award winning coach, a personalised meal plan and a structured training schedule.

Our Values: Price Promise For New Clients

At AnglGyms we are currently offering new clients a price promise to keep our PT rates the same as local rates with further launch discounts.

Our Values: A Quality Team With A Quality Experience

As an independent alternative to corporate gyms we promise to offer only elite level Personal Trainers and the highest standard of equipment, far exceeding corporate gyms to ensure you get the best results for a great body and a rested mind.

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Our Locations

Clapham Common, London

Located at 9 Bromell's Road, our Clapham site is just 2 minutes walk from Clapham Common tube station (Northern Line) on the doorstep of Clapham Common itself with a plethora of cafes, restaurants and shops.

Shoreditch, London

Located in a discreet spot and nestled in a quiet street just 3 minutes walk from Old Street Tube Station our Old Street Site is in the heart of trendy Shoreditch with Silicon Roundabout and Islington nearby.

written testimonials

Let Their Success Do The Talking.

Federica C.

Meet our Client Federica, 24, originally from Milan. Within only 16 weeks of diet and training she went from 94kg to 72kg. She massively reduced her body fat and has now a much leaner look.
What an incredible achievement, well done Federica!

Will B.

Our Client Will, from Clapham started training at AnglGyms Clapham exactly 10 Weeks ago, with the goal to lose fat and build up his muscle mass at the same time.

Today he is down by a staggering 11.5kg. Despite the huge weight-loss his muscle volume didn’t go done at all, as he put on lean muscle mass in the same time.
What an incredible achievement, well done Will!

Btw we are not done yet.
Next step: Even more leaner and increasing his muscles mass even further.

Sean D.

Meet our Client Sean from Elephant & Castle. Within only 7 weeks he lost 3kg and is leaner and more muscular.
He increased his muscle mass in shoulders, legs and glutes, all while reducing his body fat significantly.
What an incredible achievement, well done Sean. Keep Going!

Michael H.

Meet our Client Michael, 36, from Clapham. Within 15 weeks he lost 3kg and completely transformed his body shape. He increased his muscle mass in shoulders, arms and legs, all while reducing his body fat and waistline at the same time.
What an incredible achievement, well done Michael!

Christian B.

Meet our Italian Client Christian Brusco, 45, from Brixton in London.
An awesome transformation and muscle gain from 75kg to 85kg. He dramatically increased his muscle mass in shoulders, back, chest and legs. And reduced his body fat at the same time. He has now a much leaner and more muscular look.  What an incredible achievement, well done Christian!

James L.

Meet our Client James, 34 originally from Kennington.
These before and after pics taken in AnglGyms Clapham show his progress in 8 weeks.
James gained 3kg in muscle mass and is much leaner overall. He increased his muscle mass in shoulders, chest and legs , all while reducing his body fat significantly. What an great achievement, well done James!

Video testimonials

Let Their Success Do The Talking.

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